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After clicking one of buttons shown in the main page, the system will bring you to Sign in page. You can fill out your information and select a topic that you need agents in specific skills to response your Send Mail, Web Call Back, Web Chat Web Collaboration request.
Send Mail This button is used for sending e-mails to SCB Customer Service Center agents. You can ask for more information on bank products and services that you are interested in. You can also make complaints for any inconvenience that you find while using SCB products and services.
Web Chat Customers can click on this button in order to chat with agents via a chat window. It is where you can make a conversation and receive instant messages and information from agents.
Web Collaboration Web Collaboration is one of new customer services from SCB Customer Service Center. If you find problems occurred in SCB related websites which are
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A customer can use this service by using 2 approaches as media. The first method is by making a call to SCB Call Center (SCB CSC), 0 2777 7777 while you are connecting with SCB CSC website. After signing in for Web Collaboration, the co-browsed window will be appeared together with co-browsed ID. Agent can do Web Collaboration by using a co-browsed ID from you. Thus, you should make a call to CSC agents to tell them the co-browsed ID.
Secondly, there is a Co-browsing button in Web Chat page. Your action is to just click on this button and the co-browsed window will be popped up on both your and agent's sides.
Call Back Agents will call you back when you click on Call Back button and choose the date and period of time for agents to phone you.
To use our web services, the minimum system requirement is as following

Microsoft Windows 7 upward
Internet Explorer 8.0 upward
In order to use Web Chat service, the system will prompt you to download a chat window for the first time. When the pop-up window shown below appears, click on a checkbox for Always trust content from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories Inc and then click OK button. This will make you download a chat window faster next time when you use our Web Chat service.
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